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Erik & Julia: DC Engagement Shoot

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I feel like somewhere written in the fine-print of my business blueprint is written, “Loves working with the kindest, funnest couples,” because repeatedly I am so humbled by the kind, fun people who are in front of my camera!!

Julia was friend back at CNU, and I photographed roommate photos for her wayyyyyy back in the day!! When she reached out to me about her and Erik’s wedding for next year, it felt like no time had passed as we chatted on the phone about their relationship and upcoming wedding celebration!

Julia & Erik brought the best, most chill, “we trust you and are here for whatever!!” mentality to their engagement session a few weeks ago in Washington, DC. I know how intimidating it can be to come to a photo session and feel unsure of how it will all go and what you need to do as the one being photographed, so whenever couples let go, trust me, and follow my lead, it not only makes me feel honored but it truly produces the best time and sweetest images!

We started in the Smithsonian Castle garden, and right from the start, it felt like Erik & Julia almost forgot I was there!! They laughed, snuggled, and danced, showing me glimpses into their true goofy sides that the other brings out!!

We planned to walk over to the U.S. Botanical Gardens for the second half of our session, but the Garden gates closed earlier than expected. No matter… these two filled the streets of DC with joy and giggles as we adventured around the streets along the Mall between the Capitol and Washington Monument.

GAH, can it just be August 2024 already??? I am so excited for your wedding day, Erik & Julia!!

Washington D.C. never gets old for me when it comes to photography… I love all the places (including the middle of the street!) I can capture couples!! This Virginia wedding photographer will make the drive from Richmond and deal with any and all traffic when it means getting fun images like these…

Back to the Smithsonian Castle to finish up… aren’t they the cutest????

Julia & Erik, I adored our time together and truly can’t wait for your wedding in August!!

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