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Jon & Roby: The Estate at River Run

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Ever meet people who just have the most precious visible dynamic of bestfriends AND lovers?

Jon and Roby had that immediate, visible chemistry when I met them last month doing couples’ sessions with a photographer friend, the amazing Heather Mrva, at The Estate at River Run.

And my goodness, Jon & Roby are the kind of people who make it look so easy… they just danced their way through the whole session.

Every couple has their own flavor, their own ebb and flow, their own kind of romance. None of us displays our relationship the same to a watching world, and I LOVE that. Especially as a wedding photographer, I love capturing the differences of couples as I spend time with them. Jon & Roby let their personalities fly through each little prompting, and I felt so honored to be a fly on the wall of their love.

As a Richmond-based wedding photographer, just one hour from where the Estate at River Run is located in Maidens, VA, this venue is quite possibly my new top favorite. Ohh my lanta. If you have never been blessed to visit its presence, make every effort to go. I arrived early for our photo sessions to walk around the grounds and was struck again and again by all it had to offer… Breathtaking views from the balcony and patio, luxurious staircases indoors and out, a walkway of crepe myrtles that surround you like a cloud, a beautiful garden near a fancy pool and timeless poolhouse… And don’t even get me started on the exquisite nature of each Georgian Revival-style room inside the mansion!

If you are looking for a venue with endless, breathtaking photo opportunities for you and your loved one(s)… the Estate at River Run is where you need to run, not walk, to book your session/wedding… literally, as soon as possible! I could not say enough how much I enjoyed not only the beauty of this mansion and its grounds but also the kindness of its owner, Kim Moody of Kim Moody Design. She welcomed and cared for us throughout our time there with such a down-to-earth, grace-filled professionalism that makes a wedding photographer’s heart feel so thankful that such a woman as Kim is caring for couples all year long to make their wedding dreams come true!

Jon & Roby, along with the other couples we photographed, showed off their delight in one another and the fun they have doing life together as we gallivanted around the grounds until it was too dark for our cameras to get quality images. I am so in love with the moments captured on this day and I cannot WAIT to go back to River Run for more sessions and weddings in 2024!!

Shout out again to Heather Mrva, for letting me join her to photograph these beautiful souls at this beautiful estate! Felt very honored to be included in this magical day.

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