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J&J: Beauty Inside Main Street Station

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One of the reasons Main Street Station here in Richmond, Virginia, is so high up on my list of favorite places to shoot is because of how many epic areas there are for portraits both inside and outside the venue!

In particular, if you are looking for somewhere with incredible symmetry and amazing framing that allows you to create photos perfect for printing large, epic canvases, you have to check out this historic train station in Richmond!

Btw… If these two look familiar, it is because I photographed their seven-years of love all around the city outside Main Street Station a few months ago!

This time around, we explored this venue’s beautiful indoor opportunities. Main Street Station’s spacious rooms and grand ceilings give photographers amazing proportions to position clients in ways that honors the beauty of the architecture AND captures the beauty of the couple!!

Pillars… archways… glass… engravings… this place has it all! Such epic, timeless portraits are possible within these walls!!

And when you have a beautiful couple.. they just make it so easy! I mean, come on!!!

This symmetry, y’all… all the heart eyes!

Another reason I love Main Street Station for photos… the little tributes to Richmond scattered in classy ways throughout the Station’s decor!

Some photos were just MADE to be printed on a canvas…

Little tip if you’re an engaged couple looking for a wedding venue… pick somewhere you WANT TO show off in your photos!! Somewhere you can’t wait to be captured! Somewhere you could imagine a photographer getting epic shots of you and your new hubby/wife! You spend so much money on this wedding ticket item… make it a venue you want to remember!!!

I hope these photos encourage you to check out Main Street Station as a possibility for your next photo opportunity here in Richmond, VA! And again… if you’re recently engaged and looking for a wedding venue that will give you history, class, symmetry, and stunning views inside AND out… run don’t walk to take a tour through Main Street Station!!

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