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Snowy Night

CNU, School

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As has been all over Facebook, the Hampton Roads area was showered with snow last night! It covered campus and drew many students outside to build snowmen and tackle each other in the snow. I wandered out there when I got off work at the gym around midnight, and it was beautiful. I love snowy, unique nights like these at CNU that show-off the campus’s beauty in a way we rarely get to see in Newport News. Here are some shots from last night. 🙂

snow6snow3snow_10 snow9snow2
snow7 snow5snow1snow4

  1. aunt vicki says:

    Debster, thank You. I too thrill to, “snowy nights.” It seemed I took the walk with You. And, I am reminded of why black & white photography remains a favorite, well-done ~ xoxoxo

  2. aunt vicki says:

    p.s. one of these photos quickly became my desktop background … i title it, “narnian lamppost.” ~

  3. Jonathan L says:

    How did you do the 4th snowy one down with the snow against the light. Obviously fast shutter. Did you use high iso or flash or what? I want to do some of these myself and just been wondering.

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